Seattle's Goodwill Ambassador Galloping Ghost David Ishii a.k.a Booger Dave We Strut, Sashay

Birth Place Seattle, Washington Born On The Duwamish River Aged Politically Matured Vintage August 1, 1956

Southside Seattle K - 12 Emerson, Rainier Beach High School Education School Of Hard Knox

Proudly Enlisted United States Navy Vietnam Era Veteran Airman, Seaman Sail Part Of The Seven Seas

Foot Of Thirty-second Street San Diego, California Miramar Naval Air Station

iMax Part One Second Installment Top Gun Tom Cruise Goose And Maverick

Bogies Here, Bogie There To All The Candidates Drive By, Fly By, Fly On

Defund The Police Department Seattle City Hall Chingatho, Bufongu Crazy As You Want To Be

Make A Run At City Hall

Run Forest Run

A Stupid Is What A Stupid Does

Defund Seattle S.P.D That's A Negative Seattle City Council The Flight Pattern Is Closed

Primary's General

Sling Mud, Mud Slingers

Welcome To The Gridiron, MTV Softball We Debate

Down Goes The Titans

Down Goes Goliath

Down Goes The Incumbent

Political Rockstar Booger Dave Your In Your Pocket

Your Next City Councilman At Large Position 8