Democrats, Republicans Welcome To The Gridiron, Welcome To The Jungle ' We Barter And Debate ' !
  MTV Softball, Congressional Super Bowl 7 Man / Women Flag Football, Say Hey Donald Golf Anyone ? 
Mister President Would You Be Kind Enough To Throw Out The First Ceremonial Pitch 
  Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune, Independents, Tea Party Progressive As You Want Be ' Play Ball
' !
Goodwill Ambassador Galloping Ghost Bobblehead Booger Dave Capital Hill Newest Political Rockstar
Flag Football Bipartisan Political Party's, Politically Correct Get Your Agendas And Bills Done
     Gand-daddy Of All Bowl Games On Any Given Sunday We Cut Through The
Red Tape " We Barter Debate " !
At The Helm Goodwill Ambassador Galloping Ghost GQ, ... QB Quarterback Air Congressman Go To Dave
Wide Reciever Wide Out's Rep. Ilhan Omar, A.O.C Alexandria Cortez Go Long Fore Scores, Touchdown, Sashay
Halftime Report Brought To You Mister And Miss's Democrat President Joe Biden 
End Around, Center Sneak Chock One Up Bills Passed Protocol Direct Deposit Fourth Installment
U.B.I $2,000.00 Is On The Way
Who's On First, Who Bats Clean Up ... Who ?  On Deck MTV Softball's Galloping Ghost Bobblehead Booger Dave
Back, Back, Back It's A Grand Salami, Demo's G.O.P It's A Clean Sweep
Stroll, Scroll Swing Votes Pull The Levers, Pull The Throttle Trot Around The Bases Follow The Chock-lined Bases
Candidates Welcome To The Jungle Titans, Goliath And The Incumbent My Oh My Bad News Bears
Tee It Up, Fore; Skin's Game Golfs Par 3 Executive Course ESPN, Fox News, C-span Bogie Golf Made For TV Ratings

Bills And Agendas Sign Sealed And Delivered The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword Ta-ta Tally Up Tally Ho
K-Sarah-Sarah ' Hum ' Republican Mitch McConnell ' Bah Hum Bug ' Give My Regards To Broadway 
Republicans Bunker's And Sand Traps Bills And Agendas Signed Play Ball
... Democrats, G.O.P's We Barter And Debate